To SQL or no(t) SQL


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Very professional slides. A nice overview, but a bit short on technical details.

Good overview of technologies, good conclusion too.

Was a bit unclear at times, but his English is way better than my Dutch.


I am a bit biased but I think NoSQL solutions don't get as much attention yet as deserved. This was a really good introduction, although some subjects could do with a better clarification (CAP, and MapReduce).

When I saw this talk before (in Dutch) it flowed a lot better. However, for a first time at a conference in English, Jeroen did a good job. As a few hints, try to keep the flow while speaking - at times it was quite 'staccato'/choppy. Also, I suggest you don't drop the f-bomb :-)

I thought this was a good introduction into NoSQL and some of the alternative situations were NoSQL can be used.

The aspects around ACID, CAP and ABC were well introduced and helped to put the rest of the presentation into some kind of perspective.

Anonymous at 18:52 on 7 Oct 2012

Too many categories / products are mentioned! Gets confusing!

My question about in-memory SQL was answered somewhat vaguely.

More real world examples of when (not!) to use noSQL and when (not!) to use SQL would be REALLY helpful in this talk.

I found the content of this talk really useful. The comparison of different types of NoSQL, when to use them and examples of uses and solutions really helped me understand the bigger picture better and it's not something I'd been through before.
It did sometimes seem like there was a bit too much detail and then some detail had to be omitted because of it being in a presentation so it was a little bit confusing in places, but I never felt lost during the talk.

Although I could have personally done with a little more technical information, this is actually one of the few talks that did exactly what it said it would in the abstract, so I don't think that is a fair criticism.

A good overview of what approach to use in different situations that will help inform what I should use next time I'm starting a new project.

I thought this was a good talk, covering a lot of NoSQL approaches and then giving some more detail on the four generalised categories, using an example db from each. Having recently read Seven Databases in Seven Weeks I was familiar the content but it was good to have an overview from a different person's perspective.

Anonymous at 17:59 on 8 Oct 2012

I think selecting one none relational database and going a bit more indepth would have been more to my taste. However Was a very good speaker.

Cap and column slides could have done with a bit more explanation as I struggled at these points.
Slides 62:65 were great at summarising differences.

Anonymous at 11:46 on 9 Oct 2012

Nice presentation, interesting info, but lacked some real-life examples of usage. Thanks though!

A good introduction to the different types of noSQL database and I agree with the well presented and clear categorisation. It would have been nice to see some real-world deployment suggestions for categories other than the Graph type or some examples of how each of the types were queried to give more of a feel for how you interact with them - but there's a great follow-on talk for next year!

I found this talk a little bit too much to take in. Perhaps because of my lack of understanding of the subject, but that was part of my decision to attend this talk.

Also, felt that the audience participation was a little bit forced. Perhaps asking who knows about a subject, rather than who doesn't would get a better response, as people don't want to be the 1st to admit they don't know something.

I found this very interesting. I got the feeling the speaker knew the subject area very well but maybe struggled to get it across. I don't agree with Derick, for me the f-bomb was the highlight of the talk. This talk made me realise i need to explore this subject some more.

This was something I've heard about but never actually done any research about. It was good to get an overview about the different types of NoSQL, but I still don't feel I learnt enough to fully understand what goes on - perhaps more in-depth on one of the engines would have improved this. Also it was a little disappointing to hear that the speaker had never used it in production - it would have been nice to have a case study or similar.

Still an interesting talk though :)

As someone who hasn't done much with NoSQL yet, this was a very good talk. I will definitely be reading the slides again at some point to refresh my memory!

Very good talk, explaining the different types of noSQL solutions and how they work was interesting.
From what I remember though the circumstances in which you would choose SQL or noSQL was lacking.