Zend Framework 2 for ZF1 Developers


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Sorry guys I had more info but didn't make slides as I didn't think I'd need them.

Good introductory talk from Gary who was enthusiastic & knew his subject. Needed a 'resources' slide at the end.

Anonymous at 14:55 on 6 Oct 2012

Good work!
Excellent intro to ZF2 for those already versed in ZF1.

Very informative introduction to ZF2 concepts for those familiar with ZF1. The analogies and comparison made were clear and accurate.

Good comparison and explanation of some of the differences across versions, and how modular ZF2 will be (goodbye application bootstrapping!)

I enjoyed this talk as it re-enforced a lot of the information that I'd picked up on the previous day. Gary obviously knows his stuff, and I would have liked this to have gone on for a full session.

Yes shame this wasn't a full session, there was so much more to cover. Well delivered anyway, it's not easy to stand up in front and deliver a talk. You did a great job and obviously know the subject area.