What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Loved the content, the hotel was a bit shabby and food wasn't great

This was my first time.

This was a great and personal conference. I got to talk with some great people and extended my knowledge and had even more things to add to my reading/learning list.

I look forward to visiting again next year. ( I may even participate the unconf too :) )

Thank you to the organisers, sponsors and most of all, the awesome PHP community.

Thx for organising an awesome conference. Really enjoyed all the talks!

The only remark i have was that the location of track 3 wasn't optimal. The talks i attended there either where to hot (aircon off) or to noisy (aircon on but no mic / sound system for speaker)

Mark Railton at 16:46 on 4 Oct 2015

Loved this event. As it was my first conference I really didn't know what to expect and travelling solo I was apprehensive that I'd spend much of the weekend alone. As soon as I got to the centre I was made to feel welcome by the organisers and fellow attendees. I found the available talks varied and only wish that there had been more details about the uncon available to help better plan as looking back there are a couple of uncon topics I would have liked to have heard.

Big thanks to the organisers and I'm certain I'll be back again next year. Thanks for making my first conference so enjoyable.

another great conference. good mix of talks and lots on the todo list again for me to look into. always enjoy when there are a conflict or two and this year didn't disappoint. some great talks on day two as well :)

only negative things I can think of was the temperature in track two on Saturday, was really warm in the session I went too and was a bit uncomfortable. Was great to see track three move to a bigger room this year although that did mean less seating for lunch/dinner so a lot of people had to stand and eat.

Enjoyed the event, nice to meet everyone again. Had a lot of fun

My only comment would be that it'd be nice if the uncon was a bit better signposted.

Thanks for organising an awesome event.

Excellent conference (as always). Catering for vegetarians was good (I personally wasn't into the Saturday dinner option, but that's personal taste, it surely wasn't bad). The fact that most sponsors weren't there anymore on Sunday was a bit disappointing (I'd planned to check the O'Reilly stand on Sunday for instance). Overall though, great conf!

The title of the talk "Dependancy Injection and Dependancy Inversion in PHP" is mispelled: s/Dependancy/Dependency"