Following seven successful PHP conferences, the team supporting the North West UK Conference are well practiced and have already sprung into action preparing for this year’s October event.


My app is secure... I think
Workshop by Wim Godden
Loose coupling in practice
Workshop by Jakub Zalas
Adding 1.21 Gigawatts to Applications with RabbitMQ
Workshop by James Titcumb
Test legacy apps with Behat
Workshop by Antonis Pavlakis
Git and GitHub for PHP Projects
Workshop by Beau Simensen
Zephir: A Wind of Change for writing PHP extensions
Workshop by Mark Baker
Linux SysAdmin 101
Workshop by Liam Wiltshire
TDD with PhpSpec
Workshop by Ciaran McNulty
What To Expect from PHP7
Talk by Lorna Mitchell
One Extension, Three Engines
Talk by Derick Rethans
Pipeline Architectures
Talk by Michael Heap
Docker at the Home Office
Talk by Billie Thompson
Are you a good Code Scout
Talk by Matt Cockayne
A First Look at ZF3
Talk by Rob Allen
Better Late Than Never: Scalar Type Hints in PHP 7
Talk by Andrea Faulds
Dependency Injection and Dependency Inversion in PHP
Talk by James Mallison
Dotting your i's and crossing your t's - How to Make Good Code Great
Talk by Juliette Reinders Folmer
Writing Interactive User Interfaces with PHP & React.js
Talk by Justin Carmony
Diving into HHVM Extensions
Talk by James Titcumb
How to Migrate Anything with DDD
Talk by Gabriel Somoza
HTTP/2.0 101 Introduction
Talk by Bastian Hofmann
Driving Design through Examples
Talk by Ciaran McNulty
Controlling Arduino
Talk by Thomas Weinert
Hello, PSR-7.
Talk by Beau Simensen
You Attended Talk: an introduction to event sourcing
Talk by Christopher Riley
Usability for developers
Talk by Liam Wiltshire
Getting things done with ElasticSearch
Talk by Thijs Feryn
Secure your web application with two-factor authentication
Talk by Rob Allen
Scaling & Managing Asynchronous Workers (and staying sane!)
Talk by Justin Carmony
Closing Keynote: Developers are just like humans
Keynote by Stefan Koopmanschap