Pipeline Architectures


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A well presented talk and very confident with the Q&A section.

Very good & clear talk, easy to understand (the room could use a mic)

Organisers: please make the air con stay on :-)

Ashley Hindle at 12:02 on 3 Oct 2015


Chris Armitage at 14:43 on 3 Oct 2015

Good insight to how the "big boys" handle pipeline architecture. Direct experience is always be than just learning the theory.

Very nice introduction to architecting asynchronous processing. Confidently presented.

Anonymous at 21:19 on 4 Oct 2015

Good talk on how do deal with large systems. It was a shame that the microphone was for the benefit of the camera as the room was extremely busy.

Anonymous at 07:36 on 5 Oct 2015

Interesting content however the talk didn't flow very well in parts. Speaker obviously knew the subject well however

Excellent content and knowledge. Delivery flow could be a little better but was plenty good enough to get the content across.

Anonymous at 09:22 on 5 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 10:10 on 5 Oct 2015

Good talk, interesting subject matter, but the pace was a tad too slow.
The lack of A/C didn't help, but this was out of the speakers control. They sorted this out afterwards in further talks.

Anonymous at 11:26 on 5 Oct 2015

An interesting talk, but I agree with the earlier comments about pace and flow.

Very interesting to see a real world example of this architecture. I cant relate it to any of my own projects, but it is useful to know that is has been achieved and at such a large scale!

Thanks Michael

Well presented talk and knowledgeable speaker.

I did have trouble keeping my full attention on the talk at times due to 'flow', although most of it was probably out of the speaker's control for lack of airconditioning and mic.

I think the delivery needs a bit more polish, but the material was good.

Would love to have seen more in depth information of what happens at Datasift, a quick guided tour of a single tweet passing through the entire pipeline would be really neat :)

Good talk, with examples. Needs a microphone in that room though