Loose coupling in practice


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Anonymous at 12:51 on 2 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 12:52 on 2 Oct 2015

Anonymous at 12:53 on 2 Oct 2015

Good talk, Shame i missed half of it but very good none the less. Thanks Jakub.

A fantastic walkthrough of practical reasons why you'd want to loosely couple your code. Easy to follow along with and very well explained concepts through actual examples.

The nice branch switching command was very useful too!

Tom MoitiƩ at 13:16 on 2 Oct 2015

Very well prepared and clear walkthrough. The branch switching made for a very smooth tutorial, a technique that I'll be stealing if I ever do a tutorial!

Anonymous at 08:12 on 5 Oct 2015

The concept and initial explanation of loose coupling in practice was pretty good and useful. We always hear about how we should reduce coupling, but this gave us some good methods on how to achieve this.

I feel like the examples we worked through could have had stronger links to coupling, I switched off after a bit but they felt more suited to demonstrating TDD.

I'd suggest some examples to demonstrate what could go wrong if were tightly coupled and then how to fix that problem.

Good talk. The think I took away was this quote "HIGH-LEVEL MODULES SHOULD NOT DEPEND ON LOW-LEVEL MODULES.", I think that is a good model to aim for. We did this by abstracting an external library.

Also, I had never used Prophecy, so it was a good introduction to that!

Only issue was that I hadn't downloaded the repo before the workshop, so next time I would recommend emailing everyone to get this set up before hand.

Overall, a great workshop, thank you Jakub!