Better Late Than Never: Scalar Type Hints in PHP 7


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A bit 'ranty' to start, but really good information, and great features to be using in PHP. Very entertaining talk.

Tom MoitiƩ at 12:54 on 3 Oct 2015

Like that it went into internals process. Lovely seeing how the sausages are made ????. You probably could have done with getting more used to the microphone though (there were a few bumps and scratches)

Loved it, brilliant to see into the world of getting a new feature in PHP, also the importance of diplomacy.

Martyn Ranyard at 12:55 on 3 Oct 2015

Wonderful talk, shows such hard work. Initial worry/nerves about tech issues was unnecessary, your knowledge shone through in the talk.

A wonderful journey though the badlands that is the PHP internals mailing list. Loved it.

Was a great insight into the internal process of proposal to implementation along with the internal politics/policies.

Shows how much hard work and time has been put into implementing Scalar "Types".

Matt Cockayne at 14:18 on 3 Oct 2015

An awesome and enjoyable talk about something that's been much needed in php for quite some time. Was an entertaining and funny peek into the fun and games that can only be found in php-internals

While a good public rant at the foibles of PHP internals might have been a good catharsis, the talk avoided being over-ranty: and the structure approach of reasons why type-hinting should be implemented, the various approaches taken/discarded/taken/rejected/compromised/agreed/etc to explain why type-hinting has been implemented the way it is, then the details of what had been implemented and what the future might hold for further changes made the topic very easy to follow.

Well presented, although the nerves did show through on a couple of occasions.

Awesome look into history of type hinting (declarations!), how many times the RFCs have tried to pass, and the attempts to get this into the new PHP 7. Also, little exploration into internals stuff, which I deliberately avoid... but I may explore in the future... :) Energetic, very amusing, and overall a really good talk.

Dave Jennings at 20:53 on 3 Oct 2015

Interesting insight into the RFC process for PHP and looking at how things evolved to what we're seeing in PHP 7. Andrea's style was very fun to listen to. I got the impression she's not a fan of the resource data type.

a bit to much focus on community problems. that deserves separate presentation. great overview of scalar type hinting delivered in good style

was interesting to hear the speakers side of the internals drama having watched it unfold on twitter. helped give context to the talk.

its great to be finally able to do this so thanks for the talk and even more thanks for your help actually getting it in for us to use.

Great talk, very witty, and covered a lot of ground - more than I expected. It was good to see some of the back story, some of the reasoning that had gone on, and some peeks at what else may be coming. And most of all, thanks again for your work in getting it in!

I really enjoyed this talk. the speaker was passionate about the subject. gave a great history of attempts to add type hinting to PHP and an interesting insight into the process of the internal and what it takes to get new feature into PHP before you even start coding. Informative and entertaining talk.

I really liked the focus on the background of the proposal giving a firm foundation of why things are as they are. Very humorous and overall a good talk.

Totally agree with Michael's comment

"I really liked the focus on the background of the proposal giving a firm foundation of why things are as they are. Very humorous and overall a good talk."

Anonymous at 09:24 on 5 Oct 2015

A lot of effort went into getting scalar types hints into the core and it was interesting to see the blockers along the way.

Great to hear advocating building php from source and contributing patches.

The "rants" made for a really entertaining talk! I liked how you explained the PHP internal processes and the reasons certain decisions have been made.

Also, it was encouraging for you to suggest compiling your own PHP to see how its working at a lower level. Cant wait for PHP7!

Thanks Andrea

Nice background on php internals and type declarations (hints).

Try to avoid hitting the mic next time.

All in all, very entertaining and enlightening talk.

This was an entertaining and interesting talk on the history of how scalar type hints came about and also a look into the internals of PHP.

Unfortunately the talk doesn't fit the time slot. Personally I would have been happy for this to have a longer slot to cover the information Andrea was trying to impart, but in fitting to a conference schedule it would be useful to have a little more of the technical portion not be rushed at the cost of some of the history, but that's just me.

Otherwise Andrea was an interesting and emotive speaker and there were plenty of laughs as well as useful information

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed this talk, Andrea's mad professor style made the stories and technical content easy to take in.

Informative and passionate talk. A lot of heartache has gone into getting this implemented.

Fascinating to hear about the internals of PHP. Good delivery, entertaining and educational

Really enjoyed the talk, very entertaining and was good to see the journey scalar type hinting took to make it into PHP 7. It was useful listening about the internals.