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Dan Ackroyd at 11:29 on 16 Nov 2018

Couple o' things.

The bottom 1/3 of the slide projector is impossible to see for anyone not in the front 2 rows. The projection could be moved up a bit.

Although it is very convenient to have the drinks there afterwards, it does have two downsides. First, it is literally having drinks in an office, which is slightly less convivial than having drinks in a dedicated public house.

Second, I actually find it harder to mix and talk with people. Which I think might be due to a combination of everyone standing up, and how quick it is to get drinks.

It seems that at RWE when someone wants to get a drink, they leave the spot where they are standing, get their drink and then go back to the same spot they were standing before. At pubs, there is a natural shuffling done, when people come back from getting drinks. Possibly also the acoustics of outdoor seating is better for conversations. It might be worth trying having people put the seats back around tables, and suggesting people sit. Or just go to king street which is about 200m away.