Talk comments

Dan Ackroyd at 12:57 on 16 Nov 2018

HI Ismael,

I enjoyed the talk, and if you're going to give it again in the future, I think there's a few areas where it could be improved with the same content.

# Couple of things that I'm pretty sure about:

* Please practice not looking at the slides, and preferably not even pointing at the slides. Although there can be exceptions for when you're guiding the audience through a complicated diagram, in general, every speaker should have their eyes facing the audience the whole time. It's much, much easier for the audience to follow what you're saying when you are talking to them, rather than looking at the screen.

* The slides could do with some optimisation. You can be much more aggressive using the top space on a slide - there are very very venues where the top of slides are cut-off, so the content can be almost hard against the top.

Currently the title for the slides is taking up almost 50% of each slide. I think the title could be moved to the top, into the border space currently available, and then the content could take 100% of the remaining space.

* It would be worth breaking the talk into sections, and deliberately having breaks between those sections where you wrap up what that section was about, take 3 breaths and then introduce the next section. This would allow people in the audience to also take a break and mentally reset their brains, which makes it easier to follow for the whole talk. Currently you moved from each slide to the next without pause, which makes it hard for people to keep up all the way through the talk.

# Now, the big thing that I am less sure about, but think it's worth suggesting:

I think the structure of the talk could be re-arranged in a way that would make it much easier for people to follow, particularly for an audience of PHP developers, who are going to be less familiar with the topic of the talk than other audiences might be. As it was given, it was kind of hard for me to follow the talk, as the definition of what PWA is was after quite a few slides.

Additionally, if information can be given as a story, because of the way human brains work it is almost always easier for people to follow a story, than just facts on their own.

## Act 1 - Introduce the problem.

* We have web pages - the problem with these are no offline capabilities, restricted access to hardware etc, etc, etc.

* We have applications - the problem with these are need to be installed, hard to update etc, etc.

* "This caused a problem for big companies like google and facebook" Re-use the (almost?) first slide from the current talk with the how this gap between the webpages + apps, caused a problem for Google and Facebook and how their engineers wanted to come up with a solution

## Act 2 - Introduce the solution.

* "So, these people at Google and Facebook came up with this solution" Really cleanly define what a progressive web app is preferably in as non-technical terms as possible i.e. not starting off with talking about manifests, but how the appear to end-users and what the experience is using them.

* "What do PWAs allow us to do that is better than webpages/apps" - Describe what PWAs allow us to do that is better than webpages/apps.

* "And this is what users experience" - Although putting a list of technical reasons why PWAs are better onto a slide is a good idea, rather than reading through the list, instead it would be better to just say "this is a list of PWA features, but we don't have enough time to talk about all of them. I think this one (or two) is the most important so lets look at this:" and then do a deep dive on that one (or two) features and show what the user experience is like through a recorded demonstration. That would allow people to see the benefits even if they didn't understand why the user experience would be better.

## Act 3 - How do we use the solution

* "So how do we make PWAs" - at this point get into the tech details of manifest files and all the other details of how to get PWAs onto people's phones.

* All other relevant technical details and maybe some downsides to using PWAs.

Coda - Summary

It would be worth just summarising again the key points from the talk, just to try to embed those key points in people's minds.

* What the problem is - Web pages + apps both have downside
* How PWAs solve it - PWAs allow us to have a nice 'in the middle' solution.
* What the tech looks like.

I hope the above is useful, and doesn't sound too negative.

Dave Barr at 17:03 on 15 Nov 2018

Engaging and informative talk with just the right amount of history, present situation and looking to the future with humour and character. Very much enjoyed the talk and would certainly go to another by Ismael on this or any other subject.

Dave Barr at 17:00 on 15 Nov 2018

Brave man doing 'live' interaction demos (taken to a whole new level with an app) - great “wake up” call as to the potential nasties out there waiting to be exploited. He also takes a good photo :)

Matt Tapley at 21:02 on 14 Nov 2018

BEST TALK EVER!!! albeit a little concerning...

Matt Tapley at 21:00 on 14 Nov 2018

Great insight into when and why to use pwas. Easy listening and engaging. No comments.

Informative, fun and thought provoking. Highly recommended!

Lucia Velasco at 20:49 on 14 Nov 2018

Please change colours for browser support, it's v confusing.
I think you spent over long on whether this talk is about Web API or security.
Good pace of speaking, though, I think!!
Please be more optimistic, I believed in your demos, you should, too :D
I ducking loved the demo, really fun. I would kind of have liked to have seen the battery one, but you know...
This all felt really interactive and I love that! Esp the penultimate demo.

Probably the most interactive lecture I've seen at phpsw! Captivating to see in action.

Rob Wilson at 20:41 on 14 Nov 2018

Fantastic talk by Mike. Some fantastic items covered, and brave to do some live demos (with audience participation).

Some of the code / demos had some smaller text which may be hard to read for viewers, otherwise good job ?

Jan at 20:12 on 14 Nov 2018

I enjoyed listening that talk. Very informative and there was enough information about the resources to learn from.