No - not charts! Graphs are a data structure that are more than just the nodes and edges they contain: from mapping networks to representing arithmetic, from writing chat-bots to inferring relationships, applying graphs to a problem can quite often provide an elegant solution. In this light-hearted and accessible talk, Chris will cover the basics of graphs as well as go over a few simple but fun examples of this versatile concept.


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Michael Bush at 20:25 on 12 Jul 2017

Really informative talk given in a light entertaining way, was really helpful and given me alot to think about in current and future projects.

Mike Oram at 20:26 on 12 Jul 2017

Great talk, really simple break down of how graphs work without getting too technical. Well delivered, confident with no "um"ing. Lost me a little in the middle when the tree stuff got a little too abstract to see how it related to real world but brought it back at the end.

Annie at 20:27 on 12 Jul 2017

The right balance between informative and entertaining. Could have done with some more current examples though. Cat graphs!

Lucia Velasco at 20:30 on 12 Jul 2017

I love this topic!! Loved the visual diagrams and stepping through the explanations! Sometimes took me a minute to get the humour, but all really entertaining and well delivered!

Adam Evans at 20:30 on 12 Jul 2017

Great talk I loved that you made it relatable to real thinks i.e. Maps. Felt that the nested sets part was a little difficult to follow, so if you could make that a bit clearer or relate it to something a bit more that would be awesome. Other than that, a great talk!! :-)

Really good to finally understand nested trees a bit.

An engaging presentation which brought in a fairly left field subject matter and carried it through to real life with some good examples.

Great presentation style. Knew how to keep an audiences attention

Excellent talk. Thought provoking ideas and complex information presented in an engaging way. Presentation was very polished.

Great talk. Well paced. Well delivered. Informative and interesting. It helped my a few concepts I'd not really grasped before.

My only minor suggestion for improvement would be to drop most of the text from the slides.