Living With Legacy


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Adam Evans at 21:05 on 12 Jul 2017

Good talk some interesting points. A slight point would be to provide a little more detail on the slides to help keep the point of that section on clear. I found some of the examples a little difficult to follow. Although the points raised we're interesting.

It was good that you mentioned separating your business logic from your framework. I think that is the key to avoiding, or migrating from, legacy code. You should put that into the actual talk.

Annie at 21:09 on 12 Jul 2017

It was a really good talk but a bit sad. Legacy is just one of those things where it is a slow and painful process and there are not that many short cuts.

Michael Bush at 21:14 on 12 Jul 2017

Informative for beginner to intermediate developers and a good follow up to last month's talk about agile development.

Mike Oram at 21:27 on 12 Jul 2017

Great points, particularly some interesting thing for new developers or devs with less of a business focus. Often devs are too tech focused to look at the bigger picture. At times it was a little monotone, breaking it up with pictures or anecdotes is a good way to keep the audience engaged.

Lucia Velasco at 21:31 on 12 Jul 2017

I really enjoyed this talk, it was really insightful and raised points that people can be in denial about when upgrading legacy (I liked the reference to when "agile" == waterfall + sprints)! The bare bones slide deck really worked with your delivery, I'd like to see the slides grouped into subjects, each introduced with a coloured title slide. Super flattered by the references to my talk :D Thank you, great talk!

Adrian Smith at 21:39 on 12 Jul 2017

This is how to modify a private instance variable from outside of a class:

Good discussion of a topic of relevance to everyone. Some good tips and insights on dealing with the people side of handling legacy code. Perhaps a case study example of working on a legacy project that illustrated the points covered and also included some technical details would work well with this topic?

Good talk with some useful points and reminders:
- Developers generally always want revolution, but often evolution is better and safer (but also less fun!).
- Also good to remind everyone that it's not just about the tech. The business case, and critically money, has to be there.

I think slides were good too. Nice to see minimal text on slides.

Perhaps to improve add a bit more structure. E.g. at the start a high level overview of that talk and at the end a summary with, say 3, of the main take aways?

Also move the bit about decoupling from framework to main talk.