Talk comments

There was a lot of content crammed into a short amount of time here, I followed it pretty much, but I can't help thinking less experienced developers may've been left behind wondering what just happened ^_^ Nonetheless, good advice in this talk from real world experiences, which is gold dust. Don't make the same mistakes :D

As someone who doesn't know anything about monads, this was quite confusing. He started saying "if you google for monads, you'll get confused" etc., but then gave an explanation that didn't make much sense. I think using the examples up front would've helped as it started making more sense with these - I thought practical examples and usages were better, rather than starting with the theoretical stuff.

Was a good talk - it mostly covered old ground for me personally, but I think very pertinent points for all developers were made.

Rob Allen at 07:48 on 18 Jun 2015

Marco talked about some very good practices that we should all be using in our day to day development. I feel that it was a bit rushed and maybe a couple of the points could have been dropped in order to allow more time for the other ones.