Talk comments

Adam Evans at 11:46 on 12 Sep 2019

Not familiar with the topic so this was a good introduction to the subject. I felt that the explanation from the slides were a little unnecessary and those parts could have just been integrated into the demo.
Because I’m new to the subject and coupled with the technical difficulties it was a little hard to follow the specifics, although I came away with a top level understanding of the concepts. Sometimes the speaking was a little quiet and difficult to hear, so that’s a pointer to keep in mind.
Other than that a nice guy with good knowledge and understanding of the subject, appreciative of others, good talk all in all!

Adam Evans at 11:38 on 12 Sep 2019

Haha this was a really fun talk! I see shaming all the time, it’s good to see a talk that brings this to light in a fun way. It certainly makes you think before speaking!

Outstanding topic, great knowledge & expertise, and a very easy manner - when you think about the layers of complexity this talk had to straddle, I think Paul pitched it really nicely. I've thought about this constantly all the way home and since I woke up this morning, and am genuinely excited to push this as a useful step forward.

Technical challenges well-handled I thought (or at least without too much disruption). There were a few points where it was hard to hear Paul from the back, so maybe keep an eye on ensuring projection all the way through.

While I currently only understand AWS etc. with a sort of nodding familiarity, I was really impressed that Paul was able to convey the essence of complex things like that without getting bogged down in it, and remain focused on the bit that we were there for.

And I loved that one of the world's steering-figures of PHP also does a bit of roofing on the side.

Jim's talk was well-structured and very well-delivered, and the message gave me pause for thought for some behaviours that sometimes creep into our environment (not tool-shaming, specifically, but tangenty). I guess the challenge for me was that I found the delivery a little combative at times (and I mean a *little*, not a lot)... possibly that was based on my experience of the PHPSW group mainly being one of the more nurturing communities I've seen, and therefore less likely to need the "hard sell".

Content-wise the only things I'd echo from other commenters was a slight over-selling of Jim's non-credentials: when a key message of the talk was that everyone who develops is a developer, I felt he maybe over-did proving to us that he wasn't one.

But overall it felt like a talk that only needed tweaks rather than an overhaul, and the main line of it was very valuable, so thankyou!

Lucia Velasco at 21:20 on 11 Sep 2019

I REALLY appreciate people who check that their accent and enunciation are intelligible to everyone!
I'm impressed with the quick style change on iTerm. Technical problems suck, you handled them very gracefully. Good use of memes at the start!
Ooh, Tekton sounds interesting!
I like that you walked us through what the different components of the output translate to (i.e. this bit creates this here) and you were really clear on the different options at each stage. It was valuable to a bit of a breakdown on gke/aws/eks (did I get the acronyms right?)
Ahhh I love that you made DevOps a bit more approachable! Sometimes I think it's such a world away from my frontend work... But you're right, I'm a smart people, I can do that shit too!
Holy heck I love the preview/UAT stuff.

This is a stellar talk. 10/10 for content and encouragement, next time I see it I hope there are no technical issues!

Dan Ackroyd at 21:04 on 11 Sep 2019

_What no questions? This is an outrage!!1!_

I enjoyed the talk.

One possible improvement, I think the message of the talk could use a tweak. It's not enough telling people not to be toxic. There are always going to be toxic people, no matter how well behaved the rest of the community is.

I think people should be taught how to handle a-holes (block them instantly), and how to opt out of conversations that are not productive ("thanks for the feedback.", "your feedback is noted", *laughing in the face*), as that is an empowering thing to know.

Also, apparently I need to go back and study acting to learn to be such a confident speaker like Jim.

Michael Bush at 20:38 on 11 Sep 2019

Very good talk, suffered from technical issues in the middle, apart from the small hiccup, very informative and helpful with lots of updates I was not aware of.

Michael Bush at 20:32 on 11 Sep 2019

Great talk that addresses alot of the issues I have experienced myself in the industry. I can't think of anyway you can improve this talk. Very well done.

Lucia Velasco at 20:05 on 11 Sep 2019

I love that you started with the history of "computers". Excellent use of tone and pace to paint a story.
Bit speedy for me at times when the pace is setting the tone (e.g. the bit about using frameworks).
OH MY GOSH! I loved the WordPress example... You've definitely called some of us out with that.
Great use of imagery. I'm realising how tool shaming I've been about Apple vs Windows.
I don't dig the self-deprecation so much. Theatre and standup comedy is awesome, not painful! We're fortunate! Yay!
Wow, this is such a great talk and I know a lot of people I want to see this talk. Thank you!!!