Talk comments

Perfectly done, nice use cases.
I have some experience with generators but wast really taken by it, definitely going to reconsider and try to take advantage of what you just shared with us.
Thanks Mark.

Not only very educational, but also It's been great fun (just check out the first slide, lol).
thanks Jordi, its amazing to see how much you covered in that short amount of time.

Gary Hockin at 09:54 on 14 Sep 2015

Really enjoyable talk, I would have preferred some more real world examples of when generators are useful including explaining the problem, then showing a solution using arrays, then showing the same solution using generators.

Great talk, paced well with some good examples and easy for a generator novice to follow along. Certainly food for thought and looking for ways to apply what I learnt.

Really appreciated the talk, it was just too fast for me to keep up with it, still being a regex noob - I think Jordi had expected more time than he had. Good to see lots of examples of what can be done, I can hunt down in reference docs in the future. Thanks Jordi!

Learned some useful new tricks with regexp (such as ? in a context after a repetition + or * to eliminate greediness), and a few gotchas on performance, that should certainly improve my own pitiful efforts with this arcane science.

But perhaps trying to squeeze too much information into too tight a timeframe, could have been a 3-hr conference tutorial session given how much was squeezed in

Excellent talk, which has made RegExes less terrifying for me. They still look confusing as hell, but at least now I have the tools to figure it out.

A nice intro and refresher to regular expressions, as well as teaching few regex modifiers that I didn't know of.

- more info on lower level details
- eventually, more interactivity (animations, maybe?)

I have toyed around with generators since they were first released with PHP 5.5, but this talk really pushed it further.
5/5, as it taught me stuff I thought I knew more than well enough!