In an increasingly connected world, APIs are key to great tools and effective workflows. What is better than an API? A webhook of course! Webhooks are the modern way for integrating systems and allowing them to react to one another. This session will cover what a webhook is, when you might want to use one, and some examples for handling webhooks in your own PHP projects. You’ll see some examples of tools to help during the development process, and some real examples of webhooks in action.


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Drew McLellan at 19:57 on 10 Jul 2019

Excellent talk as always. Really easy to follow and clear. Enjoyed the tangential stuff about ngrok (which I learned about from Lorna about 5 years ago and now use daily) and the coverage of queues with beanstalkd (which I learned about from Lorna’s blog and use daily).

Lucia Velasco at 19:57 on 10 Jul 2019

I've been looking forward to a Lorna Mitchell PHPSW talk for ages!
I loved the relatable examples.
I will never not refer to 200 as smiley now.
Delayed CI: nooooooi!
Your explanation of GitHub's webhooks helped cement the idea that webhooks are magic.
I love the bunnies. Very well timed.
I felt that you covered everything clearly, technically and accessibly. Thank you!
Thank you for showing us how easy the secrets are.
Good overview of queue options.
I learnt from your breakdown of workers in PHP.
I really like that you gave us lots of warnings and heads ups of things that could go wrong or have happened to you. Super helpful. Will be paranoid and gum up my queue.
Your summary helped me think on what you'd told us.

Ed Martin at 19:58 on 10 Jul 2019

Very approachable ; even without a strong PHP background

Fantastic introduction to Webhooks. Well paced for someone with only a small amount of experience. I would have been interested in a couple more tidbits on how to building the server side of web hooks but I appreciate there’s a lot of content to fit in.
Good bit of humour to make it fun to listen to. Thanks!

Andy Gale at 20:02 on 10 Jul 2019

Can’t rate this talk highly enough. So much useful content and webhooks are great for those struggling with APIs.

Fantastically presented talk with excellent content.

I enjoyed the talk. It started from the basic, comparing webhooks with API, gave some good examples using Nexmo and how to use Queues.
Thanks for the tips and resources at the end.
The examples on the video went a bit too fast to be followed, but apart of that was a good talk

Sam Rogers at 20:34 on 10 Jul 2019

A great talk with lots of relatable and simple examples of webhooks. I liked the breaks Lorna put in there for herself, that's a really interesting addition to a talk that felt like just a friendly chat.

Craig Francis at 23:32 on 10 Jul 2019

Thanks Lorna, I really liked the detail on how you debug webhooks, with the re-play ability; and the note on how the data should be processed, with it going into a queue, and being quick to respond with a 200 OK; also how you do the signature by hashing the request variables with a shared secret :-) ... something to improve, the bunny you dislike, seemed a bit sad, maybe there is a better one (more seriously, I can’t think of anything).

Piers Hobson at 07:20 on 11 Jul 2019

Really enthusiastic and experienced speaker. Great slides and video.