Talk comments

Ema at 20:52 on 14 Oct 2020

Very interesting talk. I really enjoyed the explanation of the journey and the interaction with questions !!! Communication was clear and direct !! thanks a lot

David Lumm at 20:50 on 14 Oct 2020

This one had a bit of a slow pace and I think could've done with a little more detail. Perhaps an example of a project and how a developer might approach the problem vs how an architect approaches the problem, and the shifts you needed to make in your own thinking to switch from one to the other.

Would be great to have some more slides with some of the key points you were discussing too. It's hard to get that balance between death by thousand slides and not enough slides. I think in your case you could probably add a few more.

That being said, it was really interesting to hear a little about your personal journey! It's a difficult part of the developers career when you feel like you're stagnating and trying to decide which way to go next. It's great to share an option that people might not automatically think about.

Piers Hobson at 20:40 on 14 Oct 2020

Interesting talk.

Good clear slides.


Ema at 20:14 on 14 Oct 2020

Very helpful talk !!! Rich of suggestions and tools !!!
Thank you

David Lumm at 20:13 on 14 Oct 2020

Well the sound effects at the start woke me up, but they felt a bit out of place.

The first section of the talk give some good advice for life, not just software developers - especially about turning off notifications and being aware of the tricks of social media! Really good to remind us to stay focused!

Overall I felt there were too many subjects to take it all in, there was a good breadth but not enough depth into any of them for my liking. It would be great to have a quick overview and then go into 2 or 3 of the subjects in more depth.

Piers Hobson at 20:13 on 14 Oct 2020

I'm sure there was something useful for everyone in this talk.

It went a bit longer than than stated; so perhaps the speakers could check the timing during rehearsal, there was so much useful advice I'm sure shaving a bit off here and there wouldn't be detract from the whole message of the presentation.

Well done, thanks for your efforts.