Talk comments

Steve DeVeaux at 23:31 on 14 Jun 2017

Good insight into the Zend Certification: understanding what it is and what to expect if applying to take the exam; all delivered very well by somebody that has gone through the process himself, and actively works to help others through it.

Steve DeVeaux at 23:27 on 14 Jun 2017

Enjoyed this talk, beginning with a poignant anecdote and using a fun analogy throughout to help get the main points across in an entertaining way. Well presented and confidently delivered.

Michael Bush at 21:40 on 14 Jun 2017

Informative, good example questions, still unsure if having a Zend certification. Many companies will still test you anyway so that they have a known baseline for comparison.

Paul Alden at 21:36 on 14 Jun 2017

The talk was informative and interesting about something that i did not know about

Paul Alden at 21:35 on 14 Jun 2017

Well structured talk with great info.

Adam Evans at 20:45 on 14 Jun 2017

Thanks for talking was really interesting, thanks you for the for insight into the questions. Good enjoyable talk

Informative, engaging. Showing a few sample questions was a nice touch.

And deeper insight into the format of the paid prep courses would be cool.

Interesting presentation with great examples.

It was good to learn about the certification. I looked into it years ago, but thought it had died a death with PHP 5.

Ben Tovee at 20:28 on 14 Jun 2017

Interesting talk, some good info about php certification.