Talk comments

Really interesting talk, I learnt loads. Covered lots of clever things you can do with PHP. Slides were clear. Pace of delivery was perfect.

Dan Ackroyd at 10:34 on 15 Aug 2020

One possible improvement - it's okay to put yourself forward as the authority for the topic you're speaking about.

A couple of times you quoted definitions from other people. The talk would be slightly stronger if you just said these on your own authority.

Dan Ackroyd at 18:57 on 13 Aug 2020

Good talk. Could do with a bit more 'energy'. I think doing the talk standing up (or at least sitting up and getting energised) would make a difference.

Adam Evans at 22:52 on 12 Aug 2020

Awesome talk, really detailed and informative. Really enjoyed the content and the slides 🙂

Liam Hammett at 22:25 on 12 Aug 2020

Great talk with a good introduction to PhpSpec, its philosophy, and how it differs from alternative tools like PHPUnit. The examples were great and it showcased a lot of nice features that are unique to PhpSpec, like how it mocks classes and can generate code for you.

Owen Voke at 21:07 on 12 Aug 2020

Great talk with a tonne of detail that was well explained. It was really interesting to learn more about a lot of the lesser known quirks and features of PHP and preprocessing.

David Lumm at 21:05 on 12 Aug 2020

A fascinating delve into pushing the PHP envelope, especially useful making you think of ways to introduce features that don't yet exist.

It might be because I was getting a bit distracted by the storm out my window, but I started to get a little lost, there was quite a lot of examples to take in, you could possibly get away with one or two less and still have a lot to share with the audience. My mind is definitely blown!

The slides looked great and the line-highlighting in code examples was really useful!

Owen Voke at 21:05 on 12 Aug 2020

This was a really great talk with lots of information. I've used PHPSpec before, but would be interested in having a go with it again.

Adam Evans at 20:12 on 12 Aug 2020

Great talk, very well presented with a good flow. I’ve not looked at PHPSpec, certainly interesting possibilities for TDD.

Zack Lott at 20:12 on 12 Aug 2020

A lot of information packed into the talk so it will require me another watch to ensure I caught everything but it was enjoyable enough that I would happily relisten to it! The live demo was useful and helped me understand the concept of PhpSpec.