Talk comments

Dan Ackroyd at 12:34 on 9 Nov 2017

Possible small improvement, at the end ask 'any questions' first, and only use the 'discussion provoking questions' you directed at the audience if the audience doesn't come up with their own questions unprovoked. I guess that is needed at some user groups, but other groups are good at asking questions.

Adam Evans at 11:57 on 9 Nov 2017

Interesting topic for the talk, I felt that this was more of an overview, so a live working example would have been good to see. I felt that the presentation needed a bit of a polish, but it was good talking points, I will be looking up some stuff from your slides. I was at the front so I could read the writing, but I can see what Michael was saying in terms of font size. Looking forward to the next talk

Adam Evans at 11:53 on 9 Nov 2017

Great talk, really enjoyed the pace and examples. Gave me food for thought. I felt the Q&A turned into a bit of a debate rather than Q&A, but that’s not really about the talk itself!! Can’t think of anything bad about the actual talk itself, good job! :-)

Luis Ferro at 11:35 on 9 Nov 2017

Thanks for the feedback.

That indeed makes it worthy to come again to PHPSW, and indeed is an huge plus to come!

I will take into account the feedback (both this and the verbal ones) into future talks.

Federico Vecco at 22:11 on 8 Nov 2017

Brilliant! I Enjoyed this talk. It was well prepared and aimed to different level of developers. I hope we can hear more talk from Stu

Craig Potter at 20:54 on 8 Nov 2017

Very top level, would of been good to see a live demo but good introduction to pipelines and Jenkins 2

Martin Bampton at 20:53 on 8 Nov 2017

Very interesting talk. Lots of information onscreen throughout. Glad to hear it's hosted on git. Interested to investigate for personal use.

Martin Bampton at 20:50 on 8 Nov 2017

Very informative. Possibly a few too many questions to the audience though. Felt a bit of a trap going through every single option onscreen when the correct answers had already been supplied.

Michael Bush at 20:34 on 8 Nov 2017

Unable to see the information on the slides because the font was too small and I felt the talk was not very polished and presentation needed more work.

Interesting topic, but perhaps a bit too much audience interaction. Not many people could answer the questions as it takes a while to get your head around it!

Having said that I now feel like I know when to use final and why, so I could join in more next time round.