There are lots of popular talks about the best practice and right way to build your software and infrastructure to ensure the most reliable, fault tolerant systems and optimised codebases, without which we would not know how to improve and better our processes.

But in reality, projects exist in a multitude of states of imperfectness, sometimes due to commercial decisions or financial demands, scheduling pressures, or unfortunately some naivety or ignorance on our parts or those we inherited those projects from.

Together Chris and Dave have years of experience working with and maintaining legacy PHP codebases, MVP monoliths and prototypes that got shipped to production. They have joined forces to share with you some of their favourite tips on getting through times of late night bug fixing, weekend patches and badly timed traffic spikes. The talk will help you survive your initial dilemma to keep things running and give ideas for some better long term resolutions.


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Drew McLellan at 20:00 on 11 Jul 2018

Lots of really good tips over a wide range of the stack. Some I knew and some that were completely new to me. Ran a little slow at points, but that’s no big deal. Thanks!

Rob Wilson at 20:00 on 11 Jul 2018

Fantastic talk by Chris and Dave. Some excellent tips provided, a few which I will be taking away. The format worked well, with lots of sub topics. The use of memes was great. It would have been great to see some 'more'* live or prerecorded examples of the items shown to help explain some of the issues (eg around the slow query logging)

* Edit: added in the more as Chris has a small video of the git rebasing... (It's like he knew I wrote this comment ;) )

Kiel Doyle at 20:03 on 11 Jul 2018

Excellent talk. Content was engaging and useful. Nice to hear about other people's hotfixes, makes me feel less shameful about mine!

Great concept that was well presented, and liked the inclusion of the lmgtfy links for further info

Mike Oram at 20:04 on 11 Jul 2018

Some great tips, some risky tips but good to know when in stick situations. Could have done with practising a little more as it wasn't very smooth, I think it would have been more engaging if it was. Generally enjoyed the talk and liked the idea of 2 people deluvering.

Lucia Velasco at 20:06 on 11 Jul 2018

I loved the pet/cattle/panda analogy, it was really accessible. And you talked about almost all my favourite git commands (you missed cherry-pick, though)!
I would have enjoyed more conversation between the two of you. Where can I find the slides?
Thank you both for coming to talk for us!!

Interesting talk with good tricks

A well presented talk covering some useful tips and tricks.
Some good take outs in here especially the tip to ‘fix your git’.
Good flow between the 2 presenters.

Helpful set of workarounds for familiar crises!

Michael Bush at 21:15 on 11 Jul 2018

Good talk with a lot of knowledge, suggestion of providing more solutions around GIT