Introducing Zend Framework 2.0


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Fantastic overview! Wish you'd had more time, but it's amazing stuff. I'm quite a fan of the approach that the team has adopted, and the community initiatives that are being rolled in. Thanks for the presentation!

Great overview and status update... Just wish we had more time for Q & A

Great overview of where ZF2 is and where it is going. Exciting times ahead!

I'm very happy to see the new stuff you guys are doing with ZF2. Perhaps development isn't stagnating so much after all!

Anonymous at 16:13 on 26 May 2011

Very interesting and informative.

Great overview!

Sounds like I won't have to overhaul my entire app at once hen swtching to zf2. Nice to hear about some of the changes. Good job, mwop.

Nice overview of the framework - may give it a spin!