Open Source Communities and Chocolate Chip Cookies


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Great keynote... Too bad about the lack of actual cookies

Another great presentation by Elizabeth. Slide deck was on point and she does a great job of engaging the audience.

All around a very awesome keynote. Great insight into building and maintaining a community with a great analogy. Communicated the ideas in a fun way, and definitely was fun to listen to. I really liked how the different "ingredients" were first explained, and then later common issues with them were pointed out and ideas of fixing them.

This keynote was very informative. I enjoyed the presentation. I hope Elizabeth has a better flight home than she did on her way to this year's php|tek.

Really enjoyed the talk and the referral to the PHP Women group. Thanks Elizabeth!

Not only is Elizabeth a great speaker, as always, but she did this on the heels of the worst travel nightmare imaginable. Thanks so much for your passion and energy, and how much you care about Open Source community.

Great keynote by Elizabeth who is a joy to listen to. Community is a great topic and was covered well.

Wonderful talk, very inspiring and passionate.

Great job Elizabeth. Amazing to have witnessed how your own role in the community has blossomed (baked) over the years :) Needs more TWSS

Anyone managing a project with any sort of community, open source or not, and anyone organizing a user group or similar organization should hear this talk. Right on point, filled with wisdom, all wrapped in the entertaining and heartwarming package that is Elizabeth Naramore. Any conference would be lucky to have her session as a keynote.

I think we all appreciated the hellish travel you had to go through to present your talk today. Despite all your tribulations, you kicked butt during the presentation! You'd never know you went through all of that right before your talk.

Great talk with a lot of inspiration. Thanks!

Excellent talk very funny and kept everyone listening.

I loved how the talk was different even though I've seen it before. Bonus points for delivering it directly after a horrible travel experience.

A very useful analogy for community in an approachable and understandable way. Great notes on issues and experiences in building and maintaining communities - but also why they're so great for developers.

Awesome talk! Elizabeth brings so much inspiration to the table that leaving this talk and not wanting to go do something is almost impossible. Her energy to present and how much of her personality goes into it makes it sound more like a great conversation than a presentation. This keynote is a must for all PHP devs and all COmmunity guys.

DISCLAIMER!! Two words. F*cking awesome!

Great presentation for anyone wanting to breathe new life into their local UG. I wonder who got the death star cookie jar?

Elizabeth is always a joy to listen to and a good speaker. Slides were very simple and elegant. The advice she gave for building up open source software communities and UGs apply to building ANY community. She gets an extra star for performing on 3 hours of sleep and 17 hours of flights and airports.

Awesome talk - great analogy too! I was making banana bread earlier today, and was thinking how that would related to an open source community!

PS - I still use sourceforge for projects!