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Wonderful event put on by the Musketeers! Always a great time when you can connect with friends, make new friends and meet people in real life. The speaker lineup was very good, which is evident by the fact that on a number of occasions I was unable to decide which talks to attend. Thank you Musketeers for putting on a top notch event, thank you to the sponsors for helping to make this happen.

Outstanding event! Musketeers did an awesome job of picking up an already awesome conference and stepping it up a notch. Fun, knowledge, new friends, lego, beer, shoeless and pizza... what more can you ask for?

Many thanks to all the organizers and sponsors for a fantastic conference! You guys were all simply brilliant! Also many thanks to all the speakers and attendees, the whole package of everyone together in this community really makes it all a supreme event!

http://www.slideshare.net/auroraeosrose/do-the-mentor-thing - Mentorship summit slides for anyone interested

Thanks to musketeers.me and the tek 13 sponsors for making this year's tek AWESOME.

My first tek! I absolutely LOVED it!!! Looking forward to next year, but truly happy I have a year to apply all I have learned.

You guys did an awesome job at organizing the best php[tek] ever! I'll be here for #tek14!! #tek13