Once again tek13 returns to Chicago. This annual conference brings the PHP Community together for a week of learning, collaboration, and networking.


A Hands-on Introduction to Writing Unit Tests Using PHPUnit
Workshop by Harrie Verveer
Caching and Tuning Fun for High Scalability
Workshop by Wim Godden
Building Web Apps from a New Angle
Talk by Pablo Godel
Beyond the Bikeshed
Talk by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby
Debugging for Beginners
Talk by Rob Allen
Finding Your Way: Understanding Magento Code
Talk by Ben Marks
Top 10 Developer Security Misconceptions
Talk by Chris Cornutt
PHP and Node.js Together
Talk by Chris Tankersley
Service Oriented Architecture Panel Discussion
Talk by Shaun Farrell, Jason Austin, Garrison Locke
Performance Perpetrators: Profiling for Professionals
Talk by Derick Rethans
Code Reviews: The 'Secret' to Building Quality Software
Talk by Patrick Schwisow
What Symfony Components can Do for You
Talk by Andreas Hucks
Creating Mobile Applications with PHP and Symfony2
Talk by Pablo Godel
Web Acceptance Testing for Grumpy Programmers
Talk by Chris Hartjes
Keeping it Small: Getting to Know the Slim Micro Framework
Talk by Jeremy Kendall
Beyond PHP : it's Not (Just) About the Code!
Talk by Wim Godden
Encryption, It's For More Than Just Passwords
Talk by John Congdon
Mentoring Developers
Talk by Elizabeth Marie Smith
Database Version Control without Pain?
Talk by Harrie Verveer
OpenStreetMap for the Web
Talk by Derick Rethans
There's an Extension for That
Talk by Elizabeth Marie Smith
Whats New with MySQL 5.6
Talk by Ligaya Turmelle
Open Sourcing Mental Illness
Talk by Ed Finkler
Five Tools for Better PHP Development
Talk by Lorna Mitchell
Drupal Development Tips
Talk by Chris Tankersley
C.R.E.A.M (Cache Rules Everything Around Me)
Talk by Thijs Feryn
A Mobile Mindset: Attaining Responsiveness
Talk by Arbi Arzoumani
Beyond the Basics: Security with PHP
Talk by Chris Cornutt
Building Testable PHP Applications
Talk by Chris Hartjes
Traits and Horizontal Design
Talk by Mike Stowe
Ten Things to Make Your MySQL Servers Faster and Happier
Talk by Dave Stokes
Your Code Sucks, Let's Fix It
Talk by Rafael Dohms
Talk by Patrick Schwisow
MySQL HA, Recovery and Load Balancing
Talk by Davey Shafik, Ligaya Turmelle
PHP 102: Out with the Bad, In with the Good
Talk by Jeremy Kendall
Best Practices for the Sole Developer
Talk by John Congdon
Composer for Busy Developers
Talk by Rafael Dohms
Embedded PHP with RasPi
Talk by Arbi Arzoumani
API First
Talk by Ben Ramsey
<?php echo 'Hello Worl…Ooo, shiny!: How to deal with distractions
Talk by Sean Prunka
Pains and Gains of PHP Upgrades
Talk by Lorna Mitchell
Being a Good OSS Contributor
Talk by Jeremy Mikola
UA Testing with Selenium and PHPUnit
Talk by Michelangelo van Dam