Keeping it Small: Getting to Know the Slim Micro Framework


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Firehose of the flaming archer. Wish I had a video recording because there was so much good information.

Nice overview of Slim. I liked the practical approach, showing real code examples and walking through a small real-world project. Jeremy is a funny speaker, too. Great talk overall.

Great introduction to the Slim Framework, picked up a few things I didn't know. Great talk, good rate and informative slides. Well done!

Good introduction to Slim. Very well presented too.

I really enjoyed this presentation. Jeremy brought good technical content, backed up with clear examples, and presented in a way that was very easy to approach and digest. Questions from the audience (including me) can be tricky to handle but he did a great job.

Anonymous at 14:00 on 17 May 2013

I was happy to see this validate a few things that I've already done but more importantly he covered a few gotcha's that are hiding in the areas like Hooks and Middleware. It showed solid understanding of the tool and its uses.