Mocking Dependencies in Unit Tests with Phake


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Great in depth usage examples , really insightful into mocking.

Great coverage of the mocking library. Easy to follow and understand.

Anonymous at 11:24 on 20 May 2015

good and quick introduction to phake, fill with content. a bit more on phpunit mocking and phake mocking would be great.

Don B. Stringham at 11:26 on 20 May 2015

Great to have more tools available for testing.

Anonymous at 11:54 on 20 May 2015

Thank you for the worthwhile introduction to Phake. The only suggestion I have is to further underscore the specific instances in which Phake excels in comparison to PHPUnit; side-by-side examples, replete with PHP code, would be ideal.

I can't speak for others in attendance, but must assume that some portion intend to return to their jobs armed with compelling reasons for which decision-makers might consider Phake over PHPUnit. The ability to point-out PHPUnit's primary failings, and particularly those that Phake addresses, would be most helpful.

Thanks again!

Would have been 5 had I seen the first half of the talk. Was interested as soon as I got in though. Good Job!

Awesome use case examples. Great introduction to mocking and Phake. Also great examples of where it breaks down when you are trying to mock certain functions

liked the perspective and relevant content...thanks!

Great talk. Would recommend for people transitioning from "basic unit tests" to more sophisticated mocking.

Great examples and coverage of Phake. Coming from Mockery, it was interesting seeing the similarities and differences between the stubbing tools.

Was grateful for the overview of Phake. Testing is a topic dear to me and I enjoyed seeing practical examples. Phake is something I had glanced at before but Matthew's intro has got me wanting to take a closer look for sure.

Would have liked to see briefly how Phake compares/contrasts to other similar technologies, but overall a great introduction to it.

Glad to see examples and the presentation flowed easily and logically

Anonymous at 21:25 on 25 May 2015

Contained a plethora of introductory information about Phake and mocking. Well-presented and easy to follow. Looking forward to reviewing the slides for references to the docs.