The PHP 7 Story


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Anonymous at 10:06 on 20 May 2015

You did pronounce "coalesce" correctly. And the tie bomber was a better choice. Excellent presentation--very informative, thanks. You definitely need better performance graphs and you really must label your graph axes!

Informative talk. Great to see the performance gains coming with php 7

Thanks for the personal anecdotes.

Great handling of audience interjections.

I've seen a few presentations about php 7 but no one made the performance gains so clear.

Great info. Was good also to hear a bit of your opinions. Thank you for making it clear which parts were personal opinions and not getting drawn into debate on those things.

Anonymous at 11:22 on 20 May 2015

Very informative on PHP 7 and what is coming when.

Don B. Stringham at 11:25 on 20 May 2015

Exciting to have such a huge speed improvement on an already fast language.

Anonymous at 11:58 on 20 May 2015

Anonymous at 14:01 on 20 May 2015


great lecture. Appreciated the content

The PHP 7 story, right from the horse's mouth. Excellent talk with great anecdotes and history!

Great talk, had one error in the slides but he fixed on the fly. I would have liked to see more specifics, but there was a lot of references to go into a deeper dive.

Enjoyed this keynote and appreciated Zeev's sense of humor. I was prepared for most of what was spoken about because I'd been keeping up with things but was grateful for the context Zeev gave in the slides. I was especially surprised to see a slide about how well PHP generates fractals.

Very enjoyable keynote.

Nice talk--cool to see how far PHP had come and where we're headed next. I particularly liked the graphs and data.

The PHP history lesson was great, and like everybody else in the audience, I am excited about the considerable performance-boost that PHP7 promises to deliver. Thanks for sharing what are, in your opinion, the most important features of PHP7, Zeev!

Great talk that showed the history of PHP.

All that under the hood of PHP stuff was really interesting.

Very insightful, I appreciate knowing the history of the tool I use every day.

Good overview of current state of php 7, how we got there, what to expect.

Informative talk. Stayed on track with main topic and avoided getting stuck in arguments about decisions regarding the language specifics. Really enjoyed the performance benchmarks.