The New Revolution


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Excellent, detailed, passionate, everything a keynote should be!

Joe Ferguson at 09:55 on 26 May 2016

Incredible keynote. Really great history lesson and how our profession became what it is today, and thinking about what it will become.

Colin O'Dell at 09:55 on 26 May 2016

An interesting, inspirational, and informative talk about the origins and future of the Internet and our community.

One of the better keynotes I've witnessed live. Samantha spoke eloquently and with passion. Her mix of history and personal experience had everyone's attention throughout the hour. Well done. I'll be looking for her name in upcoming presentations.

Cal Evans at 10:12 on 26 May 2016

I am in awe of Samantha's ability to present talks. I've seen her do technical and now I've seen her do a keynote. In both cases, she makes me care about what she is talking about and I always leave wanting to learn more and be better. Well done.

Gary Hockin at 10:20 on 26 May 2016

One of the best keynote talks I've ever seen. For a web developer conference this ticket all the boxes. Interesting, informative, entertaining, inspiring and beautifully delivered with energy and passion. Thanks Sam.

Erin Mills at 10:25 on 26 May 2016

I loved this keynote! I was engaged from the beginning; very well done!

Dave Buchanan at 12:11 on 26 May 2016

Samantha is one of the few tech speakers I've seen that can pull you without fancy slides or anything. This was a great history lesson and view of what's next. Presentation was spot on, flawless. Very motivating and engaging.

Outstanding trip down memory lane. I did a lot of the BBS and early web stuff Samantha talked about and I'm a bit of a computing history junky. This was a great look at where we've come from and where we're heading. Very engaging and a lot of fun. Extremely well done.

This is the kind of talk that makes you and your personal technical accomplishments seem like mere drops in the ocean of progress that the world has made since 1969. Masterfully presented, poignant, and super inspirational.

Thoroughly enjoyable. When in the car, my grandkids do indeed expect WiFi via my smartphone as a tethered hotspot. And it's amazing to see the video content they manage to create and post from the backseat using sites only kids their age seem to know!!

Yes, theirs is indeed a different world.

David McLean at 14:23 on 27 May 2016

What Marcus said!

Squirrel Nuts at 14:36 on 27 May 2016

Always love Samantha QuiƱones keynotes. Excellent presenter and great insight into the internet at large. Key coming back!!

James Titcumb at 07:38 on 29 May 2016

Engaging and informative - really great.

I love learning about the history of computation, and this talk did not disappoint. Full of colourful stories and a vista of possibilities. You are a talented speaker and a wonderful person to know.

11/10 would hear again

Ed Barnard at 14:10 on 29 May 2016

I think we're lucky Samantha does code. We'd never get to see her speak otherwise. I do know an item or two about our history of computing. I've never seen "where we come from" derived from this perspective. Delightful!

Fantastic presentation, loved the history and stories. Samantha did an incredible job engaging us and keeping it lively and interesting.

Max Chadwick at 11:51 on 31 May 2016

Highlight of the conference. Great job and great energy on stage.

Jeremy Mikola at 12:22 on 31 May 2016

Samantha masterfully wove personal anecdotes, history lessons, and philosophical points into an outstanding presentation. Between her choice of topic and high-octane delivery, this was keynote material through and through.

There are no enough ways for me to convey how awesome this talk was.

The trip down computing history lane, where all of today has come from, and our responsibility are cleanly laid out. This was an amazing talk through-and-through.