Test Driven Development (TDD) is the process of using very short development cycles to test and then implement your code. In this session, we'll explain the process of TDD, why you should be using TDD every time you write code, discuss tools you can use to develop PHP applications using TDD, and work through several examples to get you started.


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McGhee Rich at 11:56 on 16 May 2023

Excellent overview and overview of other resources too.

Alexis Aquino at 11:56 on 16 May 2023

Good testing explanations.

A bit too basic, could have used some more practical examples.

Chris Smith at 12:02 on 16 May 2023

Good as a beginner talk. Wish it had more real world examples.

Preston Brink at 12:03 on 16 May 2023

This was a great introduction to TDD. I learned some good information with the common gotchas. One area I struggle with for testing is writing the actual tests. I think this talk helped me with understanding that smaller is better along with when to refactor in the process.

Andrew Easton at 12:17 on 16 May 2023

great talk, wish it had more in depth examples

john barclay at 12:17 on 16 May 2023

Covered topic just as described with little frill and plenty of examples. Well prepared speaker. Covered both examples, toolsets, common mistakes, and general approach. Could have benefitted from contextualizing unit and integration tests in context of other automated test types and contrasting the two earlier in the talk.

Eric Wilson at 12:18 on 16 May 2023

This was an excellent explanation of the test-driven development cycle. I would have been interested to see examples of more difficult TDD scenarios, like working with legacy code.

Dylan Wilson at 12:47 on 16 May 2023

Really helpful for a beginner to TDD.

Scott Keck-Warren (Speaker) at 13:59 on 16 May 2023

Resources including slides can be found at.

Nate Finch at 16:06 on 16 May 2023

Awesome intro, and you're definitely right about the endorphin hit!

Ryan Howe at 19:58 on 16 May 2023

A simple but effective walk through the concepts of TDD with simple examples to illustrate the work flow.

This was good for an absolute beginner. Nice overview and the insight to write code that passes tests trivially (eg. a function that just returns true) as part of the process was a bit of an epiphany for me. I would have liked to have seen more material on how implementing TDD affects the rest of the dev process (story writing, grooming, estimation, etc) and I would have preferred a live demo rather than screenshots.

Good overview of TDD. Scott was very knowledgeable about the value of TDD and gave simple examples of how to easily create tests, run the tests and watch them fail, and then write the code to make them pass.

Jason Wassing at 12:29 on 17 May 2023

Good explanations. Very enjoyable.

Cori Lint at 09:10 on 18 May 2023

Great talk for those new to TDD.

Matthew Kris at 10:28 on 18 May 2023

Good intro to unit testing. Covered all of the basics.

Good overview of how to utilize TDD.

Frank Wallen at 19:29 on 22 May 2023

Well organized, nicely presented. This was a great introduction and encouragement to use TDD!