In this talk I explain how to use Xdebug to get more productive writing PHP code, focussing on the improvements in Xdebug 3.2 and 3.3, to make the debugging experience better and easier to set up.

Beyond that, this session also goes through a few complicated scenarios that are harder to debug, and shows solutions to these conundrums.


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Great debugging insights from the developer who wrote the tool—this is the kind of value you get from php[tek]!

Learned a lot about Xdebug, a tool I use every day at work. The talk was easy to follow along and was informative and humorous as well.

As always this is super helpful. I think it would be nice to see how to do the profiling but that might be a larger talk. :-)

Greg Fox at 14:46 on 24 Apr 2024

Great talk filled with exciting features that I can take back to the team, thank you!

hunter yeago at 14:37 on 25 Apr 2024

Fascinating talk, although it's way too advanced for my current level. Really enjoying learning more about what Derick is working on now and in the future.

Bobby Cahill at 16:42 on 25 Apr 2024

It was cool to see Derick highlight some of the more advanced and newer features of Xdebug and even a preview of a couple future features he's working on now.

john barclay at 20:01 on 25 Apr 2024

Hit the spot. Got some very specific suggestions as well as updates on the current versions. Great refresher on xdebug from the source.