The tech industry is massive. You've probably heard "you can definitely find a role that matches your interest in tech", but what does that really mean? How do you know what YOUR perfect role is? There are researchers, developers, educators, founders, I could go on and on. How do you figure out which role best fits your interests and skills and how do you go about finding an opportunity that matches it? Come find out with me, Ume, a full stack engineer who has done tech research, worked in the gaming industry, worked as a tech educator, pretty much everything you can think of I've tried. After so much trial and error, I can finally provide some insights as to how you can leverage any opportunity to guide you to your dream position.


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Thank you for the talk! It was nicely laid out.

If Ume hadn't mentioned that she was still on school, I don't think anyone in the room would have guessed that she hadn't been working (full-time) in the tech industry for *years*. Fantastic talk full of great insights, presented in a friendly, judgemental-free way.

Eric Mann at 11:17 on 24 Apr 2024

Outstanding presentation and amazing content. I was most impressed with the deep discussion of mentorship - and the suggestion that in-person attendees could find mentors in the room!

Keith Casey at 11:41 on 24 Apr 2024

This talk would have been great for a bunch of soon to be college grads who had minimal experience outside of college - like the presenter - but was a complete mismatch for people who have been in industry for years.

For a specific example, saying "I know what it's like being a software engineer" after one internship is disingenuous at best. As Steve noted below, she spoke as if she had years of experience in the field and did not.

Career advice from someone who hasn't started theirs isn't useful.

Good talk about the software development world.

Keith Casey at 12:49 on 24 Apr 2024

I think my comment was eaten by the recent updates :)

This would have been a better presentation for college students or someone just entering the workforce. As is, this was NOT a fit for a bunch of people already in the field.

For a specific example, the presenter said "I know what it's like to be a software engineer" which came from an internship. As Steve notes below, she spoke as if she had years of experience in the field without it.

I would have liked to see a presentation on career development from someone who was actually into their career.

Greg Fox at 14:45 on 24 Apr 2024

Good talk and speaker, the ladder slide was a particularly strong point.

I just didn't find this talk very relevant. I don't want to get into it too much, but I think this talk would be more relevant given to high school, college, or bootcamp students.

Myles Hyson at 10:29 on 25 Apr 2024

This talk made me realize I need to up my social media game.

hunter yeago at 14:47 on 25 Apr 2024

Thanks for the great talk. It was great to hear her story of how she was able to find success in the field and definitely gave me ideas for how to move forward in mine.