Open source software is everywhere—from large enterprises to small businesses, from smartphones to airplanes. It pervades software development and infrastructure. We fought for open source to be accepted, and we won. Now that it has a seat at the table and the managers, board members, and investors have their hands on it, has it lost its soul? Has open source gone corporate?

Furthermore, with a generation of developers who grew up in a post-Napster world that views all knowledge and content on the Internet as free, we're seeing many public software projects forego the concept of OSS licenses in favor of looser forms of sharing. How did we get here, and does this mean we've entered a post-open source era?

Let's look back to the beginnings of the free software movement to discover what made it a movement and not a corporate strategy. We'll consider whether open source has exchanged its jeans and t-shirt in favor of khakis and blue, button-up shirt. More importantly, we'll examine whether this is a greater cultural phenomenon and what it means for the future of software development and whether open source needs saving.


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Myles Hyson at 10:35 on 25 Apr 2024

Great encouraging talk for putting yourself out there in the open source space. I liked the tip of starting with small contributions.

A great tale with a great message. We've come to expect nothing less from Ben F'n Ramsey.

Greg Fox at 10:58 on 25 Apr 2024

Inspiring talk, I think a lot of us got a lot from open source and its too easy to forget that it goes away without us.

Dave Stokes at 11:09 on 25 Apr 2024

Well done

Eric Mann at 11:59 on 25 Apr 2024

I also contribute to PHP to help better the community that helped me get started in software in the first place. Open source built my career so it's only fair that I give back.

Thanks for the talk Ben. I loved the suggestions on where to look to help the community.

hunter yeago at 14:43 on 25 Apr 2024

As someone who's new to the space it was really great to see an overview of the history of the internet and php to where we are now, especially through the lens of Ben's own journey.

Great look behinds the scenes of how Ben got to this point in his career. Full of excellent advice. Thank you.

Great talk Ben, good to hear your experience getting involved in the community. Leaves me motivated to do more!

Omni Adams at 16:46 on 25 Apr 2024

As always, the great Ben F'N Ramsey brought the knowledge and a fun story of doing open source.