2023 marked a year of transition for the PHP ecosystem, with upward of 72% of companies performing at least one PHP migration within the last year — and many of those moving off PHP 7.4 and on to PHP 8.x versions. Despite emerging
challenges and competing priorities, companies are clearly prioritizing the security of their applications.

However, the state of PHP in 2024 isn’t so straightforward. Nearly 55% of teams are still running end-of-life (and consequently, unsupported) PHP versions in their production applications, with smaller companies struggling to keep pace with the rapid pace of PHP release and support lifecycles. Our survey also noted a significant disconnect – teams deploying end of life PHP still felt confident in the security of their PHP applications, with C-Suite respondents even more confident than their development teams.

That dissonance aside, our survey data is clear: the future for PHP is bright. PHP remains a much-loved language for developing innovative and highly-scalable web-facing applications and APIs.

In this live presentation, we will discuss key findings from the Zend 2024 PHP Landscape Report,

- PHP version adoption trends and how adoption varies by firmographic profile
- PHP migration trends, including top pain points by migration path
- The perceived (and actual) state of security and compliance within PHP applications
- Key shifts in PHP application deployment strategies and why it matters
- The top technologies used in developing and deploying PHP applications today
- Emerging trends teams need to account for in 2024
- And more!


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Tons of great data to reinforce my existing love for PHP :)

Great information.

Thank you for the talk it was very informative

Loved hearing from Matthew about the State of PHP report for 2024. I look forward to reading the report each year. Good to hear insights and current events factoring into the survey results. Great talk!

Greg Fox at 14:58 on 24 Apr 2024

Very interesting information, I really enjoyed the highlights pointed out to be able to peer through some of the reasons behind the numbers.

Thank you Matt!

Bobby Cahill at 16:47 on 25 Apr 2024

Great to see data about the state of the PHP ecosystem. Thanks for compiling all the data and for the talk!

Andrew Woods at 13:41 on 26 Apr 2024

This was great! This was a good reminder that the opinion of PHP on social media is a small, vocal minority. This talk showed that business love PHP for its best attributes. Matthew did a wonderful job breaking down and conveying the data in an informative way.