The PHP-Usergroup in Frankfurt meets for the 2nd time in 2017.

Thursday 16th March 2017

19:30 Introduction: PHP Extensions
Talk by Thomas Weinert (45 minutes)

An introduction into the Programming of PHP 7 extensions - explaining the ZEND-API by example. The first part shows how to create a basic extension, argument parsing, return values and reflection support.The talk contains some C programming, but it is not a talk about C.

20:45 Gamify your growth as a developer
Talk by Andreas Heigl (45 minutes)

I love to get better as a developer and when I get rewarded for that even better! In this session we'll have a look at ten tools that make our lives as developers easier and along the way allow us to become better as a developer. Services like Github or Bitbucket allow us to communicate with one another about code while Scrutinizer, Code-Climate or Insight can give us valuable informations on how to improve our coding skills and easily bring our code to a better level. Suddenly tedious tasks like writing unittests, reducing cyclomatic complexity and adding documentation can become entertaining and rewarding. All this because we all strive to get high marks, 100% or a green button. So let's see what the benefits of the different tools are and how we can integrate them into our build-chain.