Talk comments

We need more presentations like this ;) Pretty neat stuff what can be done with PHP that you do not really expect.

Presentation contained a lot of stuff related to SSL/TLS. I missed a bit going into detail of all the different parts to gain some more in-depth insights. Might be better to split the talk into a few own talks and go more into detail.

Great and interessting example of a not-so-common usecase for PHP well presented! There seem to be more things one can do with a web-language than showing a simple homepage ;-)

And you should consider a live demo ;-)

Good examples on why and how TLS/SSL can suck and what one can do to avoid such pitfalls. More information on what action one can do to improve SSL/TLS would have been great. And I've missed a bit of explanation of what those acronyms actually stand for and what the differences are.

Interesting overview of the pros and cons of SSL. Missed a little bit the call to action, should we use it know? If so, when yes? How can we actually improve SSL at all?

Well done Jan. Really entertaining and even interesting when I knew the basics already. Small improvement would be a live demo ;)