Talk comments

I'm working as a freelancer, too, so I could relate to many of the examples given. It's good to know I'm not alone there ;) And interesting how we make the same mistakes over and over again.

Enjoyed the talk. As others have already pointed out, the general intro could have been more concise, but the second part and the QA were great!

Cool new features, sadly I haven't got any time right now to maintain/update my VersionEye Symfony bundle ...

Nice talk. Maybe use the the platform even earlier in the talk to explain by example ;)

Nice short demo of some core features.
This license and security stuff would make a nice "full time" conference or user group talk

Funny and some wisdom to take away.
Would love some more technical details, but that's just me ;)

Daniel Liebig at 11:53 on 17 Jun 2017

Really entertaining talk where I could often feel the real pain behind the stories. The specs were ok...

Daniel Liebig at 11:51 on 17 Jun 2017

I really liked the general introduction without also really needing it – followed by a pretty impressive demo of continousphp.

Daniel Liebig at 11:48 on 17 Jun 2017

nice intro

Great talk. More funny as instructive but we were all with the speaker. Thanks for sharing the learnings of projects from hell. (-: