Talk comments

Anonymous at 11:22 on 6 Dec 2008

please where can i find this talk ?

Nice, even overview of TDD. I especially liked the pragmatic approach to TDD, and the emphasis on its problems. TDD zealots often hail it as a magic bullet. Slides could use a little more "oomph".

Topic was interesting. I felt like I was close to a "wow, I should be using this" moment, but never got there unfortunately. Pace was erratic. There was just too much code on the screen, but that's just a personal preference. Definitely some great nuggest of information, but a bit disorganized.

Agree that speak did not appear very passionate about the topic. Technically, the talk was technically very informative and offered ideas I could bring back to work.

I don't think there was any Python in this talk at all. And the concepts felt to me too advanced for someone with no prior exposure to artificial life and cellular automata-type simulations. But if you didn't care about Python, and had some prior knowledge - excellent and interesting material on the AI itself.

Maybe HTTP isn't as sexy to me as it is to Ramsey. I found my mind drifting on the slides with all the event sequences. Talk time went a bit over. Felt like just a bit too much content. Slides and talk-style were excellent. And I did indeed get the speaker's desired takeaway: it's all about resources.

Excellent intro and overview of very new and complicated topics. Nice way of boiling down some complex technologies. From theory to a demo with Hadoop. Slides could use some improvement.

Good overview. Nice talk style. But the reason I attended was to see what all the fuss was about. What the *real* differentiator between SVN and git was. Either I missed it or it wasn't apparent. For example, git is supposed to make branching easier, but I didn't see *how* it does. Was not so interested in basic VCS concepts and git syntax.

Anonymous at 12:37 on 16 Nov 2008

Nice intro to what Sphinx is and what it can do for you.

Anonymous at 12:37 on 16 Nov 2008

This was an interesting talk, and speaker shared many of the opinions on javascript as I do, therefore he is awesome. Also had some new ideas I hadn't thought of.