Adventures in Advanced Git


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Logan Bailey at 11:04 on 18 Nov 2015

The presentation was fun and very informative.

I loved chose your own adventure books, and this presentation was an awesome throwback to that. I've used git somewhat extensively, but not in depth so this talk was perfect for me. I learned quite a bit of tips and tricks.

Lorna was a great and engaging speaker. Her examples were well prepared. While I would have liked a little more depth - perhaps git rere or git blame examples - her approach to polling the audience for topics probably means that I was in the minority. Despite that - I still learned some tricks and gained confidence in others that I already knew.

Depth on some sections would have been great i.e. There was a part when she talked about git rebase on commits before pushing that left me saying, 'wait, what?' lol overall good talk.

Emily Stamey at 14:08 on 18 Nov 2015

Great knowledge of the content and flexibility. Speaker was well-prepared for any questions and allowed us to choose the commands we wanted to learn. I really learned a lot both from this format and from the knowledge of information presented. Even with commands I already use, I learned so much!!!

Excellent presentation in a choose your own adventure format where the audience got to choose what topic to cover at numerous times throughout the talk. Lorna showed how easy it is to run certain more advanced concepts like interactive rebase, bisect and others, including new flags on common git commands that make things more usable or easy to understand.

Anonymous at 17:48 on 18 Nov 2015

Great talk, I just wish it was a little slower. There was a lot that was covered in the 1 hour, but could have covered less and gone into more detail.

I really liked this talk. It was a unique presentation. Lorna was fun to listen to and did a good job of engaging the audience. I especially liked the way she had prepared scripts to do the set up. It made everything flow nicely with very little interruptions. She definitely knew what she was doing and I learned some stuff, even though I'd consider myself intermediate to advanced with git.

As always, Lorna did a great job presenting on advanced git topics. The timing couldn't be better, since we're finally moving to git at my job. Thank you!

The live examples given were helpful.

Covered lots of great git techniques. Loved the "Choose your own adventure" format of the presentation, which led to lots of audience involvement. Also really appreciated the thoughts on treating git as a communication tool between developers and how that should affect your workflow.

The choose your own adventure was a great approach to giving a presentation. The level of prep for the talk was incredible. Creating bash scripts to reset each example was a great idea.

Anonymous at 08:12 on 23 Nov 2015

Very good talk - great use of the shell scripts to prepare the environment.
Covered a LOT very quickly. I'll have to go back and review the notes and repositories.

Anonymous at 17:42 on 7 Dec 2015

Lorna was engaging and spoke well. She seemed to know her topic well and was prepared to go in any direction the audience sent her. It went fast, there was a lot covered, and I learned things I can actually use at work, good session!

Anonymous at 17:45 on 7 Dec 2015

Great session, but I could write only so fast. I have Googled and check Lorna's Twitter...where are the slides? They are not with the rest.

Lorna Mitchell (Speaker) at 17:55 on 9 Dec 2015

If you saw the talk then you know that I didn't use slides, so I'm afraid I can't share them, sorry. For a much less chaotic version of the same content, plus bucket loads more where that came from, try which is literally what happened when I tried to scale up this talk to a longer session :)