Git for Developers


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Will Gallego at 12:30 on 15 Sep 2016

Lorna was confidnet, fun, and patient through the talk. Lots of useful skills and the tutorials step-by-steps were clear and concise.

I'd love a "further reading" on git for after the lecture of other git tools if possible!

Joel Simpson at 12:30 on 15 Sep 2016

Great content for beginners through intermediate. Very comprehensive and practical information.

This was a very comprehensive talk that had for basic and advanced users alike.

Thanks for the clear instructions Lorna and for also talking about why and how git works! All very insightful!

Ruth Mansoor at 12:34 on 15 Sep 2016

Exceptionally helpful, thoughtful and well-delivered, Lorna Mitchell's presentation was both inspiring and well-worth attending; I finished the session by purchasing her book on Git.

Judd Bundy at 13:23 on 15 Sep 2016

One of the best talks I have ever been to at a conference. I have been using git for many years but never looked deeper into many of its features. This talk helped me to understand git much better and I learned things I will be using every day.

Thank you! Your class awesome! Look forward to working through your git workbook.

Steve Waag at 14:11 on 15 Sep 2016

The talk was a practical and entertaining view of understanding and using Git in the "real world". The fundamentals were clearly presented as were more advanced Git features that a developer would want to know.

Jane Nguyen at 14:51 on 15 Sep 2016

Lots of useful tips, great instructions for beginners.
Hands on, interactive, captivating.

Lorna well-versed in the topics she covered, and very enthusiastic regarding the subject of working with git. She introduced me to a new way of looking at git that transformed how I personally felt about git. She explained not only that we are telling a 'story', but why we are telling this story and how it is helpful not only to ourselves but others. I highly recommend going to any lecture or workshop she might be giving. I consider myself very lucky that my mentors encouraged me to attend this workshop. It was, as others have stated, exceptionally helpful, thoughtful and well-delivered.

Menno van Ens at 22:29 on 17 Sep 2016

Lorna's material was easy to follow, and presented in a fun way. Both her workshop and her talk came from a place of great enthusiasm and that enthusiasm is contagious!

A++ would attend again :)

Being new to GIT and web development in general, I was expecting most of this talk to go over my head. Lorna did an excellent job however at explaining GIT in terms understandable by new and experienced users alike. Great job!

I enjoyed Lorna's "Git for Developers" workshop! I'm a beginner to git vsc.

The lesson was a little faster pace than I was ready for which is a good thing because I've learned some new concepts. Some of the terminology was more advanced for my level, and I had the feeling that I definitely should have prepared more.

The short term goals that I've gained from this workshop are to reinforce some of the things I've learned and focus more on git workflows, commands, terminology, and working with git within a team environment.

Lorna was full of energy, positive, confident, well prepared, and very helpful when I had issues. I'm just disappointed that I wasn't able to spend more time learning with her! I would recommend and look forward attending any workshop that she gives in the future.

Elissa Thomas at 10:18 on 23 Sep 2016

So helpful!! Thank you Lorna, I really needed to get more acquainted with git.