Talk comments

Toby shared one of the most useful business tips of the entire conference: respond to all communications within business hours and all emails within 24 hours. This one habit significantly increased his business' revenue. That observation alone was worth the ticket price.

Amazing, amazing interview w/ Jake Goldman about the challenges and opportunities associated with quickly growing a business to 80+ employees. This talk alone was well worth the cost of the conference. Thank you!

Great insights into life at a larger agency. Thanks for sharing!

I love how you shared about your experiments. And how you look at things a bit differently than usual.

Toby is an energetic and charismatic presenter. I (and most everyone else, I suspect) really enjoyed his interpretation of Moneyball and how he could apply the principles from the classic book to his work and personal life (A+ on the charts!). That said, I felt that the talk didn't quite cover its topic as described and was a bit on the short side - I'd like to have a bit more to dig into that I could consider applying to my own work. It did have lots of laughs, though!

Wow, just wow. Loved how you explained how we all feel about clients and customers. The unfortunately we can never get away from them.

My key takeaway from this talk was on one of Jennifer's slides: "Apply the same creative process used for clients to the design of your business and lifestyle." She gave a really impassioned presentation about the importance of developing a business model that works for you, doing what you're good at, and taking on quality people to help you in the areas where you're not as great so you can keep focused. Awesome talk.

Fantastic presentation. The information on how you lowered your stress level, automated your process, and allowed yourself more family/vacation time was wonderful.