Talk comments

Guido at 18:17 on 16 Sep 2020

Thank you, very interesting talk!

Guido at 18:15 on 16 Sep 2020

awesome talk! Thank you

gorgeous. I wish I could give the 6th thumbs up

Very informative and entertaining, even for a long-time Rubyist :)

Marco Sambo at 17:06 on 16 Sep 2020

Interesting talk!

amazing!!!! I could listen him the whole day

Guido at 16:25 on 16 Sep 2020

Thank you for the talk and for your work!

Elia Schito at 16:02 on 16 Sep 2020

Great technical talk. The final considerations capture the very essence of Ruby. 🙌

very dente. thank you so much for your work

Alberto at 15:55 on 16 Sep 2020

cool behind the scenes for an awesome feature!