Talk comments

Ivan Belluco at 17:08 on 16 Jun 2023

Nice talk, too less technical for my taste

This talk make me happy!

Ivan Belluco at 16:09 on 16 Jun 2023

A lot of concepts about caching. I'll check them in more detail later

Really nice to see how a big site uses the different types of caching and when/why

Marco Arduini at 16:05 on 16 Jun 2023

Excellent introduction to caching. Ridhwana was clear and always inspired attention!

Good high level talk about caching, would've been good to see more practical examples

Marco Arduini at 16:03 on 16 Jun 2023

Brilliant as always!

Ivan Belluco at 15:24 on 16 Jun 2023

Code oriented talk, Ju Liu is amazing :)