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This was the 3rd time at SconfNZ. The one thing that surprised me was the number of attendees. I honestly thought there would be more. Perhaps more work needs to be done on publicising the conference to more people from each company. I'm not sure how you'd do that though. Perhaps ticket price reduction for every N extra people you bring in!?

I thought the range of speakers was just right but to be perfectly frank, I like the guy that does the intros but I don't think he's suited to this kind of event. With the greatest of respect to him, I think you could do with someone with a little more charisma about them. Perhaps even someone a little younger (I'm no spring chicken myself, so I don't make that comment lightly).

There's also something about the venue that seems just ever so slightly "corporate" which is not something I imagine many of the techs might like too much. I have attended conferences at Vic Uni and the Michael Fowler centre before which felt much "lighter" to me.

I will do my bit to encourage greater attendance from my company, should there be a 2019 edition.

Good luck and thank you all!