Talk comments

Great job Isaac! I felt like the length, flow, and content of this presentation was spot on. I enjoy how your passion for coding comes out as you speak, and your inflection keeps everyone engaged. One suggestion I have for last night's presentation (and future presentations at the meetup) is that you try to take a few questions along the way. I've found that it is very easy for some of the beginners to get stuck on some things, and sometimes it helps to check in and answer a question or two during topic transitions to keep people up-to-speed.

Great job presenting last night! I'm very sorry that we could not get the presentation to run off of your laptop, since that made your demo impossible. Last minute kinks like that are always hard on speakers (I know that from experience), and we will investigate ways we can prevent that from happening in the future. The content of your presentation was great, and you clearly know your stuff. I have a few pointers to share with you about your presentation style that I'll send you over email.