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Overall I think it was great event and you couldn't beat the price! $35 next year is no problem! The food and accommodations were excellent. I thought the event had great speakers and relevant tracks.

The raffle, however, was EXCRUTIATING! What was originally scheduled for 30 minutes took well over an hour. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the prize giveaway order or the selection of “winners”. Skype between the two theaters didn’t work. I think some people were cheated out of “winning”. The donators should have been exempt from winning. Although numbers were printed on the hang tags and randomly given out they could have been recorded at the time the individual registered and someone could have identified numbers to remove and begun the loading process for the random number generator earlier. We’re all technical people, we could have done that a lot better.

Anonymous at 10:39 on 14 May 2010

Awesome event, btw can we get the vendor talks listed under "Talks" so we can review those too? The jQuery 1.4.2 talk was just fantastic.

The raffle stuff was "meh", but hey, that sort of stuff happens and it was still not that bad (from the main theaters perspective).

Absolutely amazing amount of food, refreshments, schwagg, vendors, speakers and overall fun for the $$. I would happily pay $35 for this next year. Absolutely great job guys!

Overall a very good event with excellent presenters and material. I hope the issues (raffle fiasco, food distribution) related to the larger audience this year will be resolved for next time.

What a great event! I can't believe the level of professionalism and the caliber of speakers for such a cheap price. The venue worked well and the staff at the theater seemed to work very hard to accomodate us. The volunteers for Stir Trek worked hard, too.

The only issue is so obvious that I feel bad pointing it out. The prize giveaway at the end was awful. Coordinating across two theaters is certainly a challenge. I'm sure next year will be better.