Talk comments

Yea, this one seemed to be very interesting. It wasn't as helpful or informative as I would have liked because of Skype. And, it would have been much more beneficial to see her presentation and hear her voice instead of just watching her web cam the entire time. It doesn't seem like any of the presentations are available online either. Maybe I need to check all the blogs again...

This was the best presentation I attended all day and made the event worth it (well, Iron Man 2 and Mellow Mushroom Pizza certainly helped!)

I liked what she had to say, but agree that it was unfortunate she had to Skype in.

I agree with jjaku, I saw other great presenters that could have filled in. The lag spikes were really distracting, maybe just audio would have been better. Other than that, the content was pretty good.

An enjoyable and informative discussion. The presenter did a great job of providing insight into UX issues with a real-world focus.

Randall provided an entertaining and thought provoking look into using the cloud for enterprise application deployment. I appreciated that he didn't pull any punches and spoke candidly and knowledgeably.

A very informative and enjoyable presentation from a very knowledgeable presenter.

I don't think a remote keynote was a good idea. There were plenty of good presenters already there to fill in and the poor quality of the video/audio was distracting.

Another gem by Molly. Full of insight into the future of HTML5 and other related spec proposals. Would have loved to see demos and slides, but given the circumstances Molly pulled through anyway.

Randall hit the nail on the head talking about what it takes to move into the cloud. I came away with a load of thoughts about all the possibilities embracing the cloud opens up to us.