Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP


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Anonymous at 15:34 on 8 Feb 2014

Very interesting lecture, very useful if you have to deal with dates/times across different timezones, calculate time differences. Makes good examples and tips on modern php built-in classes and functions that solve such problems.

Exactly as described. Would have been good to include a few real-world cases where Date/Time was handled well/poorly. Otherwise, great information for building applications correctly with the DateTime APIs.

Learned something new!

Highly informative & entertaining! Loved to learn about the new DateTimeImmutable class.

Great presentation on an interesting topic.

Very useful. In fact, had just gone over a lot of this on my own the week before, so it was fresh in my mind.

The more I learn about timezones and date/time handling, the more I hate dealing with them! :) Glad to be armed with more information on the subject for the next time I have to think about it.

Derrick, I looked into your slides to look something to test and shift the time to test but found nothing, can you please advise on how to do tests with time in mind? Thanks. [email protected]