Building better developers


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Best talk of the day so far. Very creative presentation dressing the average developer for awesome success. The stories were entertaining. Sound quality was not the best, but I could still hear every word. Thanks.

Fun and entertaining talk with good audience participation cues. Well done.

A good message, delivered well, and an engaging talk. I really enjoyed the stories that Rowan told, and the specific examples that he gave to make his points.

Lots of fun, very well presented, engaging and inspiring. Well done!

One of the best talks of the day. Honest and down to earth and very creative speaker. Rowan knows his audience and can speak to them.

Awesome talk and speaker. Thank you

Perfection as far as sticking with the topic and the description of the talk. Really pinpointed the mindset that developers should have when working collaboratively with peers, partners, and others.

Really enjoyed this talk. Rowan kept the talk light-hearted, which allowed him to very effectively deliver some very serious suggestions for improving yourself. The story-based format worked very well for this topic. If I could make one suggestion, the slides were a little dark, though I think that was a little more the fault of a dim projector than the slides themselves.

One of the best, if not THE best talks I've ever seen. This masterpiece of public speaking was a joy to behold. Rowan was able to weave a cohesive narrative around the concept of improving professionally as a developer that really hit home for me at this stage of my career. I laughed, I cried and I got angry and I left feeling like I learned a ton about how to improve and the importance of self-awareness. Cheers sir!

Great takeaways, and the presenter was a performing artist, with a good amount of audience engagement. Nicely done.

I have to agree this talk is a masterpiece. Rowan was funny, entertaining but also intelligent, smart and very effective delivering the message. I've been to many talks in many conferences and this was on the top 3 of all time, thanks Rowan!

PS: Where is the 6 ^5 ? :)

Great stuff, gets the information out in a way you remember it. Would recommend every dev sees this.

I have to say that your talk was probably my most favorite in the whole conference. You really did a fantastic job of breaking things down and you did it in a very fun and familiar way. I would give you 10 thumbs up if i could.

Absolutely amazing (and entertaining) talk. Amazing work on the slides and pulling the concept together with humor and examples. Could have been a great keynote.