Journey to the Enterprise


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Anonymous at 09:42 on 7 Feb 2014

Is this talk going to get to a point? So far just a battery of definitions and lots of funny slides with pictures.

Mark is a good speaker but this presentation lacks a coherent theme. It also has little, if anything, to do with php.

If there is a unifying message it should have been made clear from the start.

This talk seems very irrelevant to me as a developer. Good talk, just not the right target audience.

I've heard the term "enterprise" thrown around a lot with no one giving a "real" definition besides "Well, how much money do you have to spend?" I really appreciated Mark tackling this concept with some real definitions and real world experience. For those building businesses to server enterprise, I found it very helpful.

I enjoyed this talk. Particularly never fully appreciated the competitive advantage of build vs buy. Delivery was a bit monotone but good job introducing some comedy to help liven it up.

Anonymous at 10:21 on 7 Feb 2014

Take away: enterprise is going to the cloud and services / api (management) will be critical. Not much to do with PHP just that they will be some of the developers building the services.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this talk but I thought it worked well. I felt like it was a great review of what enterprise is (and isn't) and also a review of a bunch of awesome three letter acronyms!

Mark is a great speaker - direct and yet not aggressive. He mixes humor with good information well and speaks to the entire audience, not just those "in the know". For a keynote, I think the content was appropriate, broad and wide reaching in order to capture the largest possible audience. That said, I found it hard to get terribly interested in - Mark's charisma helped quite a bit.

Mark took a very dry topic that is nevertheless important for us to talk about—even at a PHP conference—and, through his charisma and delivery, was able to keep the audience engaged. The Cloud is changing everything, even the Enterprise—especially the Enterprise.

I enjoyed the talk, but Enterprise is boring. I have to deal with it day in and day out.

Anonymous at 11:05 on 7 Feb 2014

I like the conclusion of cloud will dominate and api management is the next big thing.

Great talk, wasn't as boring as enterprise normally is.

Perhaps not the most exciting topic at a dev conference, but Mark did a really job presenting and keeping the audience engaged.

I don't think that a PHP conference is the best place for a talk about "enterprise". Mark is a good speaker, but I really wasn't interested in the content at all. I usually expect from an opening keynote to be exciting and illuminating.

This was a good talk about enterprise but was missing the part where it got me excited about it as a developer.

This was a great talk about a really tough subject. Defining enterprise is very difficult. I think the talk could be tightened up a bit to make the points more clear, but all in all, I really enjoyed the humor and interesting discussion.

Needed more a tie-in to PHP for me. The first two-thirds were too much of a retrospective. The goal of exposing attendees to more than just pure-play PHP talks is great, but as a keynote, I want to understand PHP's journey to the enterprise.

Like the talk about the enterprise. The cloud is good and I see it is a more efficient way to go, but I feel we have a difficult challenge to convince people with sensitive data.

Anonymous at 14:45 on 8 Feb 2014

Having this kind of talk in a PHP dev conference was a very good idea. Mark seems to be a good speaker also, but the talk could have had a clearer message than: Enterprises go to cloud and web developers, you, make the cloud.

I wished we could have had a more technical dev type talk, this is what we devs come to hear and learn from. If we want to include these type then that could have been relegated to a lighting talk. We need more technical talks, more FOSS emphasis imo.

Good speaker, good delivery..but the subject itself was incredibly uninteresting. I didn't walk away feeling like I had anything actionable to use in my day to day. There were a few funny anecdotes however and those are always appreciated!

As others have said, the speaker was interesting but the subject more or less wasn't. Not such an amazing fit for the conference.

Anonymous at 22:28 on 9 Feb 2014

I'm not agree about the topic it wasn't interesting, maybe because different point of views, but anyways thanks a lot for keynote it was great.

Anonymous at 09:51 on 10 Feb 2014

This was a good presentation, (And as always Mark is a good speaker). Though I think he needed a few more cups of coffee that morning ;)

Delivery was a little stilted, but the topic was dead on, and a good keynote in the sense of providing Enterprise/Broad-Range topics to the audience.

Because there wasn't much PHP-tie-in given directly (as people mentioned above), I think it didn't really inspire more discussions from the audience as the day progressed however.

I think the keynote should be more inspiring and a kickstart of the day, it felt like the topic was maybe not the most keynote worthy topic for a PHP community conference.

That said, for the topic it was the presentation was spot on, so I'm giving the talk itself four stars, deducting one for not being a good keynote for this specific conference in my humble opinion.

Although enterprise seems to be a boring subject, I was happy to see this keynote. Mark has enough experience to talk about enterprise and he also works at a company that actually serves enterprises.

So for the first time ever, someone was able to explain me what the so called enterprise actually is and now I have the tools to quantify if a company is actually an enterprise.

Although some aspects of the talk weren't surprising, there were still some basic aspects of enterprise I didn't know of.

I'd say it's a job well done! It didn't blow me away (hence the 4-star rating), but it was still a very good talk.