Developer Experience In The PHP World


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Great topic, very enthusiastic and energetic

Great philosophy, even if your code is proprietary.

As usual, an amazing speaker with clear slides, and a very good content.

Nice job! Came away with some ideas to make my GitHub project more contributer friendly.

Anonymous at 11:34 on 6 Feb 2015

Great speaker - simple and easy sound similar on the surface but I felt I now have a better understanding of the distinction. Code advice rings true. Good examples of conveying meaning in code and documentation.

Anonymous at 18:16 on 6 Feb 2015

Great job. 6 steps that you always have to keep in mind for DX. I enjoy it a lot.

Really great topic, and Ryan is an excellent speaker. So much good here, inspiring, The easy & simple distinction felt a little artificial though, and Ryan himself tripped on it a few times in the talk. The distinction is a good one, but maybe make it in another way? Still, the talk was great regardless.

Also (as I tweeted yesterday) I keep wondering about the relationship of documentation and developer trust. For example Laravel has pretty good docs, but there are some undocumented bits that come up surprisingly often. Once I realized that, I started distrusting the docs, which detracts from the DX Laravel otherwise excels at. Not to criticize Laravel or Ryan here, just a thought that this talk brought up for me.

I love Ryan's energy and stage presence. His observations and experiences working on open source projects definitely fed into his tips, and I learned a few take-aways that I will be applying to my projects.

Very Nice talk... I got some good ideas.

Anonymous at 18:05 on 10 Feb 2015

Good talk, I really enjoyed it. I just wish I could remember it all... maybe a DX one-pager cheat sheet would be helpful?

Honestly, I didn't think this talk would be that interesting. It actually turned out to be one of my favorites. He's a great speaker and the fun he has while speaking is infectious.